The Legend of Boggy Creek

As a Bigfoot enthusiast and a lover of low-budget movies, I feel it is my duty to introduce to you the following two movies: The Legend of Boggy Creek and Boggy Creek II: and the Legend Continues. Both films are directed by and star Charles B. Pierce, and for any Bigfoot fan they are considered essential viewing.

Both movies are centered around the legend of the Fouke Monster, a Bigfoot-like creature that, according to eyewitness accounts, lives in the creeks and forests surrounding Fouke, Arkansas. The Fouke Monster gained notoriety in the early 1970s when there were multiple sightings of a smelly, hairy, ape-like creature in and around Fouke. Now, we are talking about Arkansas, so terms like “smelly,” “hairy,” and “1970s” must be scaled accordingly (the 70s might actually still be going on in parts of the state.) The Fouke Monster was accused of stealing people’s livestock, harassing dogs, and one family even reported being attacked in their home by the creature.

Now, I am not going to get into the debate of whether or not this “Southern Sasquatch” has developed a taste for bacon (although, who could blame him?). The important thing is that the Fouke Monster undoubtedly lived in the area in the early 70s. There have even been reports that he returned to the area in the 1990s with a bit of a bridge jumping habit.

Legend of Boggy Creek poster

Legend of Boggy Creek movie poster

The Legend of Boggy Creek is filmed in ‘docudrama’ style, and the scenes of the movie recount and re-enact the stories of the citizens of Fouke who encountered the Legend. You can watch the movie in 10 parts here. Bonus fact for your Sasquatch trivia nights (people other than me have these, right?): Mr. Pierce hired locals as actors to re-enact the encounters and shot the scenes of the encounters where they actually took place.

Boggy Creek II movie poster

Boggy Creek II: and the Legend Continues movie poster

Boggy Creek 2: and the Legend Continues was made 13 years later and is a sequel to the first film. Boggy Creek 2 is filmed in the same ‘docudrama’ style as its predecessor, only this time the main character is a college professor investigating reports of the Legend around Fouke. You can watch the movie here, or have a more entertaining time watching the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 spoof of it here. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but make sure you watch the entire movie. Otherwise, you won’t see the fantastically bearded, heavy-set, shirtless but one-strap overall wearin’ southerner who has a bit of a pyromania problem that will have you thankin yo gramma skoo teecha.

So put both movies in your Netflix queue (yes, I checked, and they are both available through Netflix), learn more about Bigfoot, and fall in love with the Fouke Monster…or at least get a few good laughs along the way.

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