A Letter to my Newborn Niece


On the day you were born, I went swimming in the Arabian Sea. As I floated in the waves, I thought of you and where you were on your journey into this world. Later that night, thousands of stars twinkled in the sky. It had been a clear and beautiful day.

That was the night I received the message that you had been born. You and your mother, my sister, were healthy. I breathed a sigh of relief and thanked those twinkling stars.

My newborn niece, Sloane

My newborn niece, Sloane

I’m sad that I cannot be there to meet you, to see you as you are now, 6 pounds and 6 ounces, and only a few days old. But one day when you are older, I will tell you the story of where I was when you were born. I hope you will ask me “Where is India?” and I can tell you about the world.

And although I will not be a daily presence in your life, I hope that my role can be to show to you all of the possibilities in the world. So that when you grow up and decide to do something daring, you can look at me and know it is possible. (Plus, I will help you do it, because that’s what uncles are for).

Welcome to the world, Sloane.


Your uncle Brian

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