Gear Review: Serac Sequoia Hammock

A lightweight hammock that big on comfort, functionality, and value.

review of the serac sequoia hammock

Quick hits:

Pros: Comfortable fabric and comes with straps

Cons: Short straps can limit setup options

Overall: A comfortable and functional hammock at a great price


Hammock camping has become one of the most popular ways to sleep under the stars, and understandably so: it can reduce your pack weight, simplify your camp setup, and give you a more comfortable night’s sleep. So the next question naturally becomes what hammock should I buy?
Enter the Serac Sequoia – a lightweight hammock that’s big on comfort and functionality. Let’s start with the most important thing when taking about hammocks: comfort. The Serac Sequoia is made from Diamond ripstop nylon, which is super durable while being really lightweight. The material feels more cloth-like than most other hammocks, which (for me) makes it more comfortable to hang around in (see what I did there?).

gear review of he serac sequoia hammock
Also adding to the comfort of the Serac Sequoia is the size: it’s nearly 10 feet long and over 5 ½ feet wide, so it has more space than a queen size bed. Given this size and it’s weight capacity (400 lbs), you can easily fit two people – or if you’re like me, keep it all to yourself for some serious stretched-out relaxing time.


Additionally, the fabric has less “give” to it when you lay down in it. I hate when I get into a hammock, only to have it sink way further down than what I was planning, and end up feeling like my knees are touching my nose. The Serac Sequoia stays more true to it’s form – so what you see when you set it up is what you get when you lay down in it. This also makes for a “firmer” bed for those of you looking to replace your tent with a hammock.

gear review of the serac sequoia hammock
So you know that you’ll be comfy in your Serac Sequoia hammock – but how functional is it? Now, you might be thinking it’s a hammock, isn’t functionality pretty straight- forward? Well, not necessarily. Like all outdoor gear, hammocks have evolved over the years, and the Serac Sequoia is no different.

Like nearly all camping hammocks you can buy, the Serac Sequoia comes with it’s own stuff sack, which doubles as a pocket for your phone, headlamp, etc. when you are lounging. Most hammocks leave you with just this one-pocket option – but not the Sequoia.


gear review of the serac sequoia hammock

Each side of the Sequoia has three gear loops that increase its functionality and versatility. You can use the gear loops to clip on additional gear, cinch them together to cocoon the hammock around you (and help keep bugs out), use them to attach guylines to help anchor the hammock in place, clip on fabric to provide additional insulation, or to help anchor a rain fly. The versatility these gear loops provide isn’t something you’ll easily find in other similar hammocks.


The best selling point of the Sequoia, however, is its value. It’s about the least expensive large camping hammock on the market and it comes with tree straps – something none of its competitors can say. This will save you an additional $20 – $30.
Now, the downside of the straps that come with the Sequoia are that they are short – only 6 feet in length. These short straps can limit the places you can set up the Sequoia. But given the price-point of this hammock, its comfort and versatility, the 6-foot straps are something that’s pretty easy to live with.

Tech Specs:

Length: 9’ 10”

Width: 5’ 7”

Weight: 19oz without straps, 25oz with straps

Strap Length: 6’

Strap Width: 1”

Strap Anchor Points: 10

Compressed size: 6” wide, 6” tall, 6” deep

ear review of the searc sequoia hammock

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