Gear Review – Heat Holders Socks & Long Johns

With winter just around the corner, and phrases like “wintry mix”, “snow accumulation” and “polar vortex being tossed around, it’s time we start thinking about our winter wardrobe. No, this might not be the most exotic topic to talk about, but when you’re hiking in sub-freezing temperatures, exotic-ness doesn’t seem very important.


When talking about cold-weather gear, its best to keep it basic – and by that I mean base layer. Your base layer is your first thing to think about, and its best to start with long undoes and your socks. After all, what good does that puffy coat do you if you are frozen from the waist down?


Some of the best cold weather base-layer gear I’ve found is Heat Holders. Heat Holders makes all kinds of keep-you-toasty clothing, but like I said, I’m here to talk about the less-often discussed socks and long undies.


Heat Holder’s socks are like little puffy coats for your feet. The interior of the socks are filled with extra soft brushed wool. This brushed wool makes it feel like you are slipping your feet into a little foot sized cloud. But this brushed wool does more than making the socks more comfortable – it does the same thing that a puffy coat does: traps warm air close to your skin. It does all this without adding much bulk to the sock (so your shoes will still fit like they should).


For those of you who are technically inclined, Heat Holders socks have a tog rating of 2.34. For reference, a standard cotton sock has a tog rating of 0.33 and standard thermal socks have a tog rating of 0.89. For those of who who are mathematically inclined, that means that Heat Holders are 7 times warmer than cotton socks and 3 times warmer than standard thermal socks.
For those of you who aren’t technically or mathematically inclined, just know that these socks are really warm.


Heat Holders’ long johns – technically called thermal underwear – are probably the most comfortable longs johns I’ve ever worn. This is primarily due to the ribbed construction of the long johns. The ribs allow the long johns to contour to all of the curves and angles of your legs without any awkward stretching or bunching.


Adding to the comfort of these long johns is the fact that the inside is soft-brushed (just like the socks), which makes the cotton/poly blend exceptionally comfortable against your skin. Between the ribbed construction and the soft-brushed insides, there have been times when I forgot that I as wearing long johns – which is really saying something.


So what’s all this mean? It means that if you plan in being outside this winter – be it hiking, show shoeing or snowboarding – you’re going to want to stay warm. And there is nothing that will keep you warmer than Heat Holders socks and long john. So do yourself a favor & buy yourself a pair – your feet will thank you for it.

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