Gear Review: Enertor Performance Insoles

Enertor Performance Insoles make hiking easier

Enertor Performance Insoles

Quick Hits:

Pro: Helps make hiking and running easier

Con: Heel cup takes getting used to

Overall: A good boot/shoe insole that makes hiking and running more comfortable on your feet



After a full day of hiking, especially when wearing hiking boots, many people will experience sore, tired feet. And that makes sense. You’ve just put your feet through the wringer – hiking over rocks and roots, pounding on downhill descents– so it’s not surprising that your dogs are barking by the end of the day.


The question, then, is what can we do to give our feet a helping hand?


Picture of Enertor Performance Insoles

Enertor Performance Insole

I recently had the opportunity to take the Enertor Performance Insoles on a trial run (and hike). These insoles are designed to help you run faster, jump higher, and be more attractive to the opposite sex (okay, maybe I made that last part up). In fact, these insoles are worn and endorsed by Usain Bolt – and if they’re good enough to help the World’s Fastest Man, they’ll probably help you, too.


On a recent trip to Shenandoah National Park, I slipped the Enertor Performance Insoles into my hiking boots to give them a thorough test. Over the course of the week I hiked over 40 miles of trails. Anyone who has hiked the Appalachians in Virginia can attest to how rocky the trails are and how brutal those rocks can be on your feet.


After a few days of hiking with the Enertor Performance Insoles, my feet felt like I had been hiking 3 or 4 miles daily, not the 9+ miles I was actually putting in. Why? Because the insoles use a technology called D30 that not only cushions your foot but also helps return energy to your forefoot when you step. Now, I’m not a scientist, so I can’t tell you how they made this happen, all I know is that when I was hiking it felt like I had a pillow under my heel and a spring under my toes.


Here’s a quick little video that shows you the pillow/spring effect:

Unfortunately I don’t get to go hiking every day, so after returning from Shenandoah I slipped the insoles into my running shoes. While they might not have turned me into the World’s Fastest Man, they have made running easier. The pillow/spring effect does the same thing in my running shoes that it did in my hiking boots – it helps absorb shock on the downhills and gives me a little boost when running uphill.


The heel-cup of the insole provides excellent support for your heel, which then transfers to great arch support (and if you have high arches in your feet like I do, you’ll know how difficult it can be to find insoles with good arch support). When I first used the insoles, I could tell that my heel was in a different spot in my shoe. This felt a little odd at first, but after experimenting with the way I laced my shoes I eventually found the sweet spot.


Overall, I think the Enertor Performance Insoles are a really good product. They didn’t turn me into Usain Bolt, but they helped me hike longer, easier and more comfortably. Don’t let the $60 price tag hold you back –these are easily worth the money you’ll spend on them. Plus, they should last you at least 18 months of regular use, which is longer than most insoles. Bonus: They also have a 28-day money-back guarantee, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide if they are the right insoles for you.


Like what you’ve read? You can buy them here.

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