Back in Slacks: Returning to A Desk Job

Well, um, I don’t really know how to address this, but I’ve been gone from this site for a long time now (over 8 months for those who like to count those sorts of things). And there have been a lot of things that have happened during that time. But it’s been such a long gap in time, that eventually I didn’t know where to begin or how to explain everything. So it was easier to just ignore everything and pretend like this site didn’t exist – because where to start?

Well, I’m going to start with today. Over time, I’ll catch y’all up on what’s been goin’ down with your favorite wannabe Sasquatch, but for now, I just gotta start. And today seems like as good of a place to start as any.

As of today, I’ve been back at work for one full year. Work, as in I sell my time from 7 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon to sit at a desk and deal with office gossip perform menial tasks work with a religious-like fervor that helps, in one way or another, make a corporation or two a little more money.

As you can probably tell, I’m pretty passionate about what I do. But this isn’t going to be a belly-aching, oh-woe-is-me catch-up post. You don’t want to read that and I don’t want to write that.

returning to a desk job - brian cubicle

Letting my inner office gremlin shine

You see, to me, a job has always been a means to give me money to do the stuff that I really want to do. And, as life progresses, what I want to do changes over time. For a while, what I really wanted was enough money so that I could go hiking on weekends, drink good beer, and eat Mexican food whenever I wanted. It was fairly simple, didn’t require a ton of money, and I had a job that reflected that.

Then, life kept going, and Kim and I wanted to get married and buy a house – so I took a job that paid more money that allowed us to pay for a mortgage on top of all of our hiking, beer drinking and fajita eating.

returning to a desk job - house

What used to be home sweet home

Then we decided to say screw it all, this kind of life isn’t what we want, sold everything and set off on what we thought would be one year of travelling. Then one year turned into two. And two nearly turned into three. And three years is a long time. Seriously – for just a moment, think back to what you were doing back in March of 2013, and think about all that has happened since then.

Three years is a long time.

During those three years, a lot happened. Enough stuff that, after 3 or 4 drinks, you probably won’t get me to shut up about it and you’ll just walk away, leaving me to continue to ramble about how much life perspective travelling provides people, showing you what is truly important and what’s just background noise and distraction – like sports and politics and reality TV shows and..

Wait! Please don’t go! Ok, I’ll put down my drink and get to my point. OK. (deep breath) And here goes:

My point is that for the past year, I’ve had to wake up to an alarm, put on khaki pants and a button-up shirt, deal with rush-hour traffic, sit in pointless meetings, etc. All of which, in a vacuum, seems like kinda shitty things to deal with – and they definitely can be if I let them get to me. But, and I promise not to ramble on about this, all of that is just background noise.

Sure, it can feel good to bitch and moan about how much you hate all the menial stuff that comes along with working and office job. But focusing energy on those things is like saying you hate travelling long term because you have to sleep in so many different beds – you’re focusing on the minor annoyances instead of focusing on the bigger picture. You’re listening to the background noise.

Life comes with an endless series of choices, and most choices require some level of compromise. Some of these compromises are insignificant – like choosing to eat nachos for dinner instead of fajitas. Other decisions require a larger compromise – like deciding to have a baby.

Oh yeah, the lil’ squatch is here (more on her soon, I promise), and she’s pretty much the best thing in the world. And pretty freakin cute, to boot.

returning to a desk job - my baby 1

Seriously – could this face be any more adorable?

She’s the reason I decided to go back to work. Now, there were a lot of other factors that went into that decision too, like Kim wanting to give birth in the U.S. and being around family to help us out until we get our baby-rearing legs under us. But seeing that little face and her chubby little legs every day helps me to put all the meetings and khaki pants in perspective – it’s all just background noise.

returning to a desk job - my baby 2

Taking cuteness to a new level

Something life has taught me time and again (sometimes having to beat me over the head to make the point) is not to get too comfortable in any one situation, that sooner or later it’s all going to change, because ka is a wheel. I won’t be at this job forever. I won’t be living in Ohio forever. June bug is going to grow and our needs as a family are going to change – and those decisions will be made when those times come. For now, I’m in a good place – it fits.

But this is just a few steps on life’s larger path. And like all paths, there are times where you can see where it leads and other times when it disappears behind a bend. But you have to keep going, trusting that the path will take you where you need to go.

For the past year, I feel like I’ve been behind one of those bends, not knowing what lies ahead for me. I’ve kept my head down and trudged on, knowing that just because I can’t see the path doesn’t mean it’s not there.

But recently, I feel like I’ve come around that bend and caught a glimpse of what’s ahead. Plans and ideas are forming and taking shape of how to get to the next adventure. Sure, it might not be as care-free as the adventures in the past, but it’ll be an adventure just the same.

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